Ricchi Tax Reform

Ray’s tax reform plan calls for the Collin County Appraisal District to freeze the valuation of all homestead (residential only) properties so that the homeowner consistently pays the same amount of tax to the county. The valuation would change upon sale on the residential property, at which time taxes would be based on the current appraised value.

Proven Leadership

Thirty years of corporate business experience, combined with years of community leadership, provide Ray with the managerial, administrative, negotiating and decision-making skills that will transfer to the business of running county government. Elected to serve two-terms on McKinney’s City Council is a testament to Ray’s leadership ability.


Vision, strategy and planning for the future is critical as the county continues to welcome thousands of new residents annually. Mobility issues throughout the county, which encompasses a large variety of problems, must be addressed with thorough research, backed by a sound financial position.

Sound Fiscal Policy

Long-term fiscal health is a tangible indicator of an effective government and is essential in providing an attractive business environment. Ensuring a healthy fund balance, while making sure the needs of the county’s citizens are addressed is good stewardship of taxpayer resources.

Public Safety

The county’s citizens are the primary focus for customer service and stewardship of resources in order to guarantee the protection of life and property. Increased public safety and customer service staffing needs must be met as the county’s population continues to explode.

Campaign Announcement

I am running for the office of Collin County Judge. The County Judge is the equivalent of a city’s mayor and is responsible for executing the business of county government and implementing the state’s legislation. I’m committed to common sense government and good stewardship over taxpayer resources. I also pledge to make accessibility, accountability and ethical integrity personal priorities. (I will have some changes to the press release as we are taking out the word “conservative”.

On March 6th, the great people of Collin County will deliver an important victory by electing Ray Ricchi to be our Collin County Judge.

Dec 1 2017

Spark Tank Grand Finale 2017

Ray along with other distinguished panel judges selected the 2017 winner of Spark Tank.

Hey, Collin County. Let's #askRICCHI.

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