Town Hall Meeting January 22 at 7pm

Good morning, Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year is starting off great.

The City of McKinney Council has announces a very important meeting on January 22nd.

If you haven’t heard about it I have attached my release below. This is not a self serving political piece. I am not running for any office in the next election.

It is very important that we get this message out as the next two years our city council will turn over 5 city council seats and we need to get more of our citizens involved, active and vocal.

Our economic future depends on it

Please send this out to everyone you think would be able and open to attend. Post it on Facebook, your websites, tell your groups, tell anyone who is thinking about running for office in the next election to attend.

ALL of your city council is scheduled to attend , ALL your questions will be addressed. It’s not just for Stonebridge or District 4 residents but for the entire City of McKinney.

Thank you, Ray

Town Hall Meeting
Crosspoint Church, 2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.
Thursday, January 22 at 7:00 pm
McKinney has had a remarkable year in 2014. Among the many accolades given to the city, we were named #1 on the Money Magazine Best Places to Live list. As your elected representative to City Council, I am inviting you to an important town hall meeting as we discuss what our future holds as the best town in America.
It has been my honor to serve the residents of McKinney for seven years as your twice-elected City Council member and representing all of you. During my tenure, it has been my priority to be accessible, approachable and active for you as my constituents, to make sure your voices are heard and directly represented in our City.
On Thursday, January 22, 2015, the City of McKinney is hosting a Town Hall meeting to be held in Crosspoint Church at 7 p.m. You are personally invited and encouraged to attend.
The city began this series of town hall events within the neighborhoods to promote our priority of transparency. This event will be an open town hall meeting, where any and every question will be answered. We have set up this format to be interactive, as we want to hear from you.
During the Town Hall, members of your City Council will address issues specific important to our way of life and our economic future, such as:
• The water supply and the drought
• The city tax base
• The upcoming general election in May
• Even rumors and information that has spread through the community grapevine.
We also will provide a behind-the-scenes look into city planning, insight into the city’s tax base and important commercial developments that will impact the local economy. We will talk about what’s going on in developments like Adriatica, how the Methodist McKinney Hospital expansion affects you, and what we can expect with the future widening of Virginia Parkway.
If you attend, you will hear what’s going on with water conservation, and how the water restrictions are set for our region. Are your taxes going up? And possibly meet your next representatives on City Council?
Term limits mean two new representatives will be elected to City Council in May 2015 including me, your District 4 representative and the council member representing District 2. As you come to this meeting you’ll have the opportunity to meet candidates who will be asking for your vote, running to represent you in making decisions for the future of our city. It’s important for you to be involved in city elections. Meetings like this town hall can help you become a more educated voter by meeting those potential candidates.
I urge you to help me to activate the entire McKinney community – tell your friends and neighbors. We hope to see you as well as all our neighbors at this event!
If you have specific questions that need specific answers, send them to me in advance so we can address them with the level of detail you want and deserve. Send them to [email protected]
I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Ray Ricchi,
McKinney City Council, District 4

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